The Final Ours

This is the official website of Author/Illustrator Ned LaMarti's series of books entitled "The Final Ours"

I believe that these are the end of days. This is the time when the adversary is stepping up his game. As Christians, it is necessary for us to be alert, ready, and prepared to face the days ahead with power and wisdom. 


The struggle is about posession, authority and souls. As never before, we will need to understand what God's plan is and what tools He has provided for us to gain territory. 


Simply put, this series of books is designed to remind and inform us of what is "Ours".


 Our Weapons

Our Mandate

Our Sword

Our Design

Our Escape

Lost Lyrics

Our Gates

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Revealing truths about the whip and the remarkable HEALING power that is referred to by both Isaiah and Peter.


Ned LaMarti grew up in the city of Buffalo  in upstate New York. At an early age he began showing talent in the arts. With the support of his parents he received training in both the fine arts and music. In his early 20's, while exploring the world of the professional musician, Ned found Christ.He made a decision to stop travelling,marry and seek local employment. He took advantage of an opportunity study and train in  the Dental arts.

Later he became a business owner in the dental field and at the same time got involved in voluntary churchwork. As he advanced in knowledge he was  appointed Elder along with teacher and worship leader. This lead to His planting a church in 2004 where he pastored for ten years. Currently Ned has found his new call in writing and is living in Florida.



Our Weapons Box

Cover Illustration for "Our Weapons"


The Battle Ensues - Whether we like it or not we are engaged. It's time to be courageous and draw on the enemy.


Depicting the quandary of todays Christian who must decide whether or not to participate in spiritual warfare offensively.


The Roman Chariot - A picture of the powerful names of God which are available to us.


The Battering Ram - The force of an anointed worship time bringing forth breakthrough power.


The Spear - Our spears shall be turned into plowshares.


Fight the GOOD FIGHT of Faith!

Oil Painting by Ned LaMarti



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