Ned LaMarti, being a worship leader and pastor for many years of his life, has found spiritual warfare to play a crucial role in the lives of believers. Most of our successes as well as our failures will be decided in this invisible arena of battle.


Am I on the right track? What is God expecting to see happen in my life?

These are questions Christians ask themselves everyday. Maybe you've given up the the great plans and dreams of years ago. Maybe you even feel that you have dissapointed God, friends and family.

In order to rekindle the fire in the warriors' heart, Ned has uncovered essential keys and comparisons that can help to develop (in you) a mastery of technique for your spiritual combat.

Guess what, God is still incontrol! Those misfortunes and obstacles you thought were dragging you down are most likely to be the very things God is using to bring you to your destiny. There hasn't been a tear or a time you have suffered that went to waste. God has promised that He is making ALL things work together for your good.




An inside look